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Bhojpuri language has very meager literature works. Recently the songs in this language have become a great hit in the Northern states of India. Bhojpuri language speaking population has its own set of renowned and well-lived souls. Mahapandit Rahul Sankrityayan who is the very famous polyglot and mathematician created many works in this language. His writings are inspirational and historical. Along with Viveki Rai, Rahul Sankrityayan proved to be the best eminent twins of this language. As previously stated the Bhojpuri language is yet to develop itself in literature field. A very small number of writers have become so renowned in this language, but there were more number of good orators.

There is no doubt that there has been a demand for Bhojpuri and Bhojpuri music not only in the state of Bihar but throughout India and beyond. Ever since Bollywood Hindi movies started putting Bhojpuri songs or Bhojpuri style music in their movies, it popularity has soured. More and more people can actually related to the Bhojpuri language as a dialect of Hindi and not a separate language. Bhojpuri language in Mauritius too has become popular since the band called Bhojpuri Boys started their career and it has made Bhojpuri language very popular indeed.

Bhojpuri songs saw record sales this year across India and not to forget that Hindi movies too saw increasing sales for those movies. This year particularly “Dabangg” movie slightly had a Bihari or eastern UP style and made it to the box office making more than 220 crores of rupees.


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