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Bhojpuri item song - Phatal tha choli

"Bhojpuri item song", "Phatal tha choli"
This is a Bhojpuri item song. If you like these type of Bhojpuri songs then this is a real treat. It sure will get you on. The song is clear; the woman is asking her husband to satisfy her. She is asking him to get up from the bed and give her some action. Obviously the fat bastard is too sleepy to do anything. Bhojpuri songs are known for its crudeness and sometimes in obscene nature. Perhaps the demand and appetite for such Bhojpuri songs are such that the makers of these songs and videos have no choice but to cater for the demands.

People like it or hate, you have to admit that Bhojpuri songs come with a tag and that is its vulgarity.  There is no escaping that at all. No where you go, people listening to Bhojpuri songs are considered as those who belong to the lower strata of society. We must change that at all costs. There are many Bhojpuri songs that are worthy of praise. Bhojpuri is in the blood of the Bihari people and we should not degrade that at all. 
"Phatal tha choli" is a popular Bhojpuri item song



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