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Bhojpuri folk songs

Bhojpuri or Bihari or Awadi is the rustic language of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. Bhojpuri can be termed as a widely spoken language world-wide and hence the immense popularity. Bhojpuri movies today find an audience not only in North India but all over the world. Bhojpuri music industry produces songs that are specific for every season, occasion as well as festivals. The Bhojpuri music not only upholds the traditional and cultural values but also provides the listeners with fresh western beats, appealing to the youth. Bhojpuri music is generally very high in energy levels and is a great fusion between the western as well as traditional music.

The latest and Hit Bhojpuri songs include ‘Bagal wali jaan mareli’, ‘Tohar dom kathe galow’, ‘Jab Ham Chali La Dagariya’, ‘Station se laut ke aaini’, ‘Jiya ho kareja milbu kahiya’, ‘Resam ke choliya lahardar ba’, ‘Re bauraee chanchal kirniya’, ‘Jab jab aave yaad’, ‘Dharti putra’, ‘Kehu aai pardesi hamse pyar karela’, ‘Muniya re Muniya’, ‘Sutal Rahan Khol ke hum’, ‘Aara Hile Chhapra hile’, ‘Kaahe beti boojhe log balaay’, ‘Tikwa gire jhumuk se balam’, ‘Piya ke sejariya hay’, ‘Kaune rang marataru’ to name a few. The credit for Bhojpuri songs being so popular goes to the talents pool of Bhojpuri singers. The Bhojpuri music industry has immensely talented sings like Manoj Tiwari, Divya Yadav, Kalpana, Bharat Sharma, Sunil Chhaila, Santosh Singh, Sharda Sinha, Guddu Rangila who lend their voice to the various genre of Bhojpuri music.

Bhojpuri Hit songs are searched widely on the internet. The Bhojpuri songs are available online. They are available in the mp3 formats. They can be either downloaded for free or for a minimal fee. The websites offer a wide array of Bhojpuri hit songs to choose from. The websites systematically divide the Bhojpuri songs according to various categories like singers, year of release, movies etc to enable the user with better choices and easy download. Most of the websites offering Bhojpuri songs for download also provide the users with the song lyrics.