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He Chath Maiya Chath song by Sharda Sinha

"Sharda Sinha"Patna ke ghat pe, humhu aragya debai he chaat maiya. hum na jaib dusar ghat. Dekhab he chhat maiya. Sup le ke khare bare dom domaniya, dhekhab he chaat maiya......

This is a great Chhat song sung by our own Sharda Sinha. This song is not only a Chhat song but also also a patriotic one. She is singing that she do want to ago anywhere other than the ghats of Patna. A great combination of patriotism with festivity. A great singer who single handed took Bhojpuri to heights that no one till take have taken. She has sung many great Bhojpuri songs.

"He Chath Maiya" - Chath song by Sharda Sinha



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