bhojpuri songs

School ke tem pe, aana gori dam pe

School ke tem pe, aana gori dam pe. teri leiye ye din hai diwani, goria tum chali aana.
kabhi na inkar karna, pyar bhara dil na tor na.

स्कूल के टेम पे, आना गोरी डैम पे. तेरी लिये ये दिन है दीवानी, गोरिया तुम चली आना.
कभी न इंकार करना ,प्यार भरा दिल न तोर न.

This is a interesting Bhojpuri song. Seems these 2 are in love. The boy is asking the girl to come to the dam (dem) during school time (tem). Funny thing about this particular Bhopuri song is how the word "dam" is pronounced as "dem" and time as "tem". But then the song is centred around the 2 words and has been deliberately sung in such a fashion. Secondly, the video seems to be home made. The video may not be great but this is the very fact that makes it stand out along with great lyrics. And the boy, can he act. Kudos to him. The girl is quite good looking as well. 


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