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Rowdy Rathore

"Rowdy Rathore"
Rowdy Rathore by Bhojpuri girl Sonakshi Sinha. It was a huge success. The story was based on Bihari girl going to Mumbai where she meets a guy who happens to be a police officer. It is a Hindi movie with Bhojpuri actors and dialogues. 
Box office success does not translate to the content of the movie being good or not. People in India watch anything and everything. Rowdy Rathore did sub-standard in U.S and by no means a hit in overseas market. If you fools could only understand English maybe you will see that she gave it 3 starts out of 5 which is right for this movie and she highlights the positives about it. No where she is saying that the movie is bad or a flop, she is merely saying that some portions are forced, the tension never really builds up to a point of anything surmountable to the effectiveness of the content. 

Indian filmmakers are taking bold steps to bring something new and fresh to the table, but instead of keeping it simple they not only make the movie too long 2-3 hours but try to cram everything in it. Take a page out of some hollywood movies, characters are less, script is tight, dialogues are powerful and direction is innovative. Most south and hindi movies are absolute garbage. 

This is not to imply that most hollywood movies are good, infact hollywood makes ridiculous amounts of crap every year as well. However hollywood's top movies are legions ahead of bollywood's top movies. If a movie like Rowdy Rathore, which is remake of a bad south movie can be a blockbuster, just shows how far behind and stupid the mass of India is. Many cities and the urban youth of middle to upper middle class young adults rejected Rowdy Rathore even in India, so there is hope. I dont blame small towns and villages etc to enjoy such crap because they dont know better and for 3 hours they can run to escapist cinema no matter how bad it is. Bottom line is more than half of India is illiterate, which is unfortunate and thus one cannot expect more from them or blame them to enjoy movies like Rowdy. The genre of movies like Dabang and Singham is over. Those movies brought the time pass masti back, but you cannot keep repeating the same formula and start making progressively similar movies with typical item number song, one man against the world army, village settings with brutual lanlord etc, some loafer style dancing and slap stick comedy...I mean really, how many times can you make the same thing? Beyond everything else, bollywood stars are actually really bad in acting, other than Amir and some less known faces and some old actors, the level of script commitment, embracing a certain accent or mannerism is lacking all the time. Hopefully the next generation of directors, actors bring a change. Sad part is, its a family dynasty industry, same crap herores and actresses and their sons and their sons get screen time. So much talent in India goes unnoticed because young actors/models have almost zero chance of making it to the bigs. Btway when was the last time you saw Tom Hanks or Edward Norton or Matt Damon endorse cement, shoe, bicycle, castrol gtx engine oil or dabur chamanprash? However Indian actors will endorse everything and anything, from shoe polish to ice cream, that in it self shows that the media market and the concept of endorsements and the credibility of actors in India is very laughable.


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