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Please clean Bhojpuri music

Clean-up Bhojpuri Music
Clean-up Bhojpuri Music 
Being a Bihari sometimes you are accused of being part of a culture that is seen as vulgar and cheap. I am talking about Bhojpuri music industry. There is no doubt that Bhojpuri music is often depicted as cheap and vulgar. Although some of the music coming out from the industry are very good indeed but the label of cheap music is stuck. The reason for this is simple; there are more songs that are cheap in nature than decent. 

In the sixties and seventies there were very good songs sung by none other than Manna Dey, Mohammad Rafi, Kishore Kumar and Lata Mangeskar but those days are gone. Now, sometimes even educated people do not like to be associated with the Bhojpuri language let alone be heard listening to Bhojpuri music. 

So a request is made to the Bhojpuri music composures to come clean and produce classic music for the world to listen and enjoy. For instance here are some vulgar remake or the famous Bhojpuri song, Aara hile, Chapra hile la. Although nothing wrong with the lyrics as such but the way it has been sung and filmed, everything is self evident. We can clearly see that it was a song to reckon with but the remake is quite cheap and clearly made for those who enjoy listening to this type of music. The trouble is that there seems to be a demand for it. You hear of Bhojpuri music and automatically one can tune into sexy type of songs. 

Another point to be stressed is that fact that since Bihar seems to be changing for the good as far as economics is concerned, it must revive its film and music industry. Some films are very good indeed but my main concern is about the music industry. What kind of message do we really want to send out to the world? 

Can we make an attempt to clean up Bhojpuri music industry? 



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