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Aye Darbhangia bhauji by Manoj Tiwari

Hey Dharbhanjya bhawji apna bahinya se biyah racha de na. हे धर्भंगाया भोजी अपना बहिना से बियाह रचा दे न (Hey sis-in-law from Dharbhanga, please get me married to your sister).

In this song, Manoj Tiwari admits that he likes his sister-in-law' sister to a friend. This friend (strange fellow) seems to be making some Khani. Manoj has found that her marriage has been fixed to someone else. His friend suggests that he can do something about it as long as he buys her some Khani (chewing tobacco). Manoj Tiwari then sets off to sing a brilliant Bhojpuri song. He sings to his sis-in-law that "can you please get him married to his sister". She insists that she can do it, but he will not get any dowry. Actually she is teasing him in making him beg her to do the job of asking her father.

Bara rup ka khanaja,kaile bari dil diwani are some the great words of this Bhojpuri track.
बवाल कर डेलू मनोज 


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