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Hum Bihari by Manoj Tiwari

Hum Bihari dilwate bhola bhala. humre se neta, UP ke bhaiya, purab ke beta, humra ke maat bhujiya uu, kaa bhojla tu. हम बिहारी दिलवाते भोला भला. हमरे से नेता, UP के भैया, पूरब के बेटा, हमरा के मत भुजिया ऊ, का भुज्ला तू.

The song is sung by Manoj Tiwari. He sings that we are simple people but you people despite doing all the bad things, blame all the ills on the Bihari people. This is clear from the music, that Bihari students are being ragged or being made to do stupid things. Manoj Tiwari possibly playing a senior student is trying to help other Bihari students from the bad Delhi/Mumbai students. 

A bihari is often taken as an abuse. But then Manoj says that you called me " Ye Bihari" and he liked it. But then you laughed, "what is the meaning of all this?" 

This is a great Bhojpuri song by Manoj Tiwari. Its sung well and brings Bihar in the picture. Almost makes you proud of being a Bihar. कमल कर धेलु मनोज भाई.


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